Increasingly performing wooden floors with a more advanced design, trendy geometries and textures, contemporary surfaces with a more innovative character. ARCH.I.M. it is a container of advanced projects for those who want to review the world of parquet through the study of new patterns, new design signs, new material contaminations.

Officina107 is the one and only integrated system thai combines woods, wall painting, wall paper, ceramic tiles and carpet, all of them coordinated by a range of 9 contemporary, refined and timeless colors.

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Pangea is a modular system, a design draft conceived  to feature every single room, making it more persona!  in a simple and creative way.

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Discordia is a project that belongs to us, that speaks of us.
The collection uses particularly toned, exasperated, never the same elements in wood characterized by sometimes extreme, sometimes clean and essential workmanship.

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