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Buying a Made in Italy product is primarily to establish contact with the Italic culture, its monuments, its landscapes and an extraordinary land that has seen the birth of geniuses, artists and explorers. Over time, Made in Italy has also become synonymous with quality, exclusivity and added value. In reality, those who want a product made in Italy are looking for an element of great originality, unreproducible because it is kept within our DNA: the Italian lifestyle. In fact, the Italian lifestyle is one of the most celebrated in the world, and is made up of people who gesticulate animatedly in the millenary squares, who break the mold every day, who make a great noise in the local markets, who hang the clothes out of the window and who it is viscerally linked to its land, its origins and the concept of family. Italian lifestyle is above all a passion for everything that is beautiful, because “Beauty” has always surrounded us, We are the Great Beauty, and we want to represent it in all its forms.

This is why Why Italy is born_a large container that is the storytelling of how our products, our ideas, our projects and our way of doing business are born.

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