We believe in challenges and we don’t credit conformism.

We believe it’s better doing business in a different way rather than keep on producing the same ordinary and uninspiring materials.
In a world more and more demanding for authentic, innovative and nice products, we believe that diversity holds the difference between “be distinguished” and “be extinguished”.
This is the reason why we don’t define ourselves as “wood flooring manufacturers” but as “creators moving through the matter”.

We believe products represent the essence of the stories that we are able to tell first and make concrete then.

We believe in everything that makes our heart beat and we are passionate about people that make it beat faster.

That’s why we come up with technically advanced design surfaces made for those who prefer uniqueness, diversity, performances and technology.
But, first of all, for people demanding pure emotion out of a wooden floor.

We are Salis_Texture | Natural Surfaces