We believe in challenges and we do not believe in conformity.

We believe there is a different way of doing business that is not to continue to produce equal and mediocre materials, that do not convey emotion.
In an increasingly eager world of authentic, innovative and beautiful products, we believe that in diversity it is enclosed the only difference between “distinguishing oneself” and “becoming extinct”.
For this reason we do not feel definable as “Manufacturers of Wooden Floors”, but “Creators of material emotions”.

We believe that products are only the synthesis of the stories we are able to tell first, and then materialize.

We believe in everything that makes our hearts beat faster and we are passionate about people who make them beat faster.

And that’s why we design advanced technical design surfaces for those who want uniqueness, diversity, performaces and technology.
But above all, for all the colors that they claim from a pure wooden surface.

We are Salis_Texture | Natural Surfaces