the duration
of beauty

Beauty deserves
time, time deserves

Once upon a time, there was parquet: beautiful, but delicate.
With Legnoresina® Technology, the result of years of material research, Salis rewrites the story of a surface which beauty has long been associated with vulnerability.
For us at Salis, Legnoresina® technology has two souls: Legnoresina® Cera and Legnoresina® Pietra, two complementary finishes to maximize durability and preserve the depth of wood textures.

Once again, we are the future of parquet.

Legnoresina® Technology is an integrated multilayer wood-resin system designed by salis to provide unprecedented aesthetics, durability, and performance to wooden surfaces.

The soul of

Legnoresina® Pietra and legnoresina® Cera share a special treatment with silver ions, which makes the surface naturally antibacterial, forever.

Legnoresina® does not release formaldehyde or pentachlorophenol, making it friendly to both us and our health.

Legnoresina® is suitable for the cfl-s1 fire reaction class, thanks to special particles that delay flame propagation in the event of a fire.

Legnoresina® is extremely easy to clean: thanks to the “easy clean system,” the cloth will glide over the surface, facilitating cleaning and maintenance over time.

Legnoresina® Pietra,
Parquet without taboos

Technology becomes a finish, research and dedication become design.
We have designed the technical wooden surface, six times more performant than a classic painted finish, without aesthetic compromises.

Sdraio su pavimento in parquet

Legnoresina® Cera
Strong, by nature

We have created a special blend of waxes, resins, and renewable raw materials of plant origin to ensure exceptional performance and an aesthetic that enhances the natural texture of wood, just like in the surfaces of the past.

Living material,
to be lived

The life of a parquet is marked by your steps: the concept of Legnoresina® Technology is to maximize the durability of the surfaces to foot traffic without sacrificing the design of a living material like wood. Legnoresina® Cera and Legnoresina® Pietra complement each other to achieve the balance between performance and texture quality, giving you the best solution in every environment.

Beautiful and

Legnoresina® Technology was designed first and foremost to be pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye.
Salis’ research combines performance, durability, and aesthetics because we want to give your parquet the maximum longevity while preserving the richness and texture of the surface.

Beauty, finally timeless.

and fearless

We have always worked on producing stain-resistant parquet, but it is thanks to the creation of Legnoresina® that we have succeeded in creating an incomparable product.

The layering of special resins prevents liquid penetration, protecting the wood’s known porosity.

We subject our products to periodic tests, using specific tests to ensure performance against the most common stains in daily use (red wine, vinegar, olive oil, milk, coffee, tea, ammonia, etc.)


Legnoresina® Pietra and Legnoresina® Cera share a special treatment with silver ions, making the surface naturally antibacterial, forever.

Silver ions inhibit bacterial oxygenation, reducing their charge by 99.9%.

Cutting-edge and natural technology that draws inspiration from the past: before the introduction of antibiotics, silver was known for its antibacterial properties.

Salis looks to the future, rooted in our history.


When it comes to the environment and health, we don’t compromise.

Legnoresina® does not release formaldehyde or pentachlorophenol, two substances that can have highly damaging effects on our bodies, animals, and the environment.

Voc_Less Salis is the company’s commitment to keeping Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.) below the limits allowed by law. This means greater environmental health and safety for wooden floors made only with certified raw materials that comply with current regulations.


One concern we often have when dealing with a parquet floor is its potential contribution to the spread of flames in the event of a fire.

Legnoresina® Technology is suitable for CFL-S1 fire reaction certification, according to UNI EN 13501-1, thanks to special flame-retardant particles that limit flame propagation and the release of toxic substances into the air.

This is why Legnoresina® guarantees maximum safety in your home and in public places such as hotels, restaurants, and offices.

Long live

Cleaning wooden surfaces is one of the primary causes of wear and tear.
That’s why Legnoresina® has been designed for easy maintenance.
The pure resin gives the surface a silky touch effect, smooth and extremely easy to maintain over time.

Additionally, with our KIT WOOD for Legnoresina®, you’ll have an immediate and easy solution for regular and extraordinary maintenance of your floor, thanks to DETERWOOD and REVITA. DETERWOOD ensures nourishment and deep cleaning of the surface, while REVITA is the perfect solution to restore your parquet to its original condition, addressing the micro-scratches that prolonged use can cause.

For minor everyday damage, Salis has developed a REPAIR KIT, a specific pen for Legnoresina® that contains a resin fraction with the pigment of your particular finish. It’s easy, fast, effective, and do-it-yourself.

Keep Calm Legnoresina

Without our century of artisanal expertise, the best machinery, and years of rigorous research, we wouldn’t be able to offer products with the highest standards of strength, durability, safety, and design.
We couldn’t overturn the stereotypes about parquet floors.
We wouldn’t be who we are.

since ever