SALIS 1926

Since then, Salis has been working and changing many times and in many ways, but always showing a great love for wood. Today, though being of the leaders in the woodflooring market, Salis shows a great willing to know and learn. 

The efficiency of sofisticated industrial technology meets the artisan experience coming from our fathers. The deep attention in selecting the raw material is combined with high level of quality and with a special perception of the environmental issues. 

Our suppliers are able to supply the best woods, promoting the reforestation at the same time in order to preserve the present ecosystem. Our goal is to have our passion grow together with our love for quality.

During the 80’s while Mr Giovanni, Paolo, Francesco and Carlo become part of the company, the management decides for a further reconversion of the production: the new focus is now wood and parquet flooring production.

In order to manufacture high end luxury floors new machinery is introduced, together with new production lines that allow to reduce the hand made stages.

In 1986, close to the company named Simonetti Giovanni & figli operating in finance and real estate becomes, Salis srl finally comes into life.

It is not long after that, the company specializes in wooden shutters becoming a leader in the local market and in Rome area.

In the meantime, the market is facing the introduction of PVC shutters whose huge immediate success ias determined by the simple maintenance and the limited weight .

The company has the ability to follow this trend, the plants are now running in full and continuous cycle, the production quickly grows, the firm becomes an important player in Umbria region industrial landscape.

Mr Giancarlo, at the beginning of the 50s, decides to start the production of wooden frames under S.A.L.I.S trademark (Società Anonima Lavorazione Infissi e Serrande).

It is a time of reconstruction and in Italy there is a big demand of building materials, fact that leeds the company to this particular business.

The production cycle includes trunks’ sewing, cutting, profiling, planing, assembling and varnishing of every single component of the windows.

The «Simonetti & figli» company started its business activity during the early years of the 20° century with the production of food preserves under S.A.L.P. trademark.